Lindsey & Steve

The Bride Lindsey Terbrack

Born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, Lindsey moved to Kalamazoo in 2000 to attend Western Michigan University...and never left! Being a bit on the, ahem, independent side she has made it to this point a bit backwards, buying a house first, then a dog (have you met Tikka??), and then meeting the love her life after everything else was “straightened away”.

“Dogs and children always fall in love with him [Steve] right away.”—As most people know, Steve and Lindsey met, started dating, and have been pretty much inseparatable since. It was easy for Lindsey to fall in love with him. Even if she does tease him that she’s only marrying him so her future children have a chance at some height, he’s the nicest, most caring person Lindsey has ever met. He’s her best friend, her support, and the first person Lindsey wants to tell everything to. It also helps that Steve is as passionate about the Red Wings as she is. =)

The Groom Steve Garrett

Steve will get around to writing something here...eventually.

The Engagement

After almost 4 years of dating, it was inevitable that Steve was going to pop the question. But when was the ultimate question for Lindsey. They had joked that the intermission trivia games at the Detroit Red Wings games were out...Lindsey would know instantly what was going on.

So, instead, Steve plotted, planned, and pulled off an incredible engagement!

Lindsey truly had no idea. It had never crossed her mind that Steve would propose at the Family Christmas Party (Lindsey’s mother’s family). Earlier in the day, Lindsey had actually scolded Steve for not talking to the family more. Little did she know everyone there except her knew what was coming. So, most of the family would say “hi” to Steve, but were afraid of slipping up and would leave quickly. Steve created the perfect scenario: 1) Surprise Lindsey, 2) Propose somewhere meaningful, 3) Provide the best day of Lindsey’s life (so far).