Lindsey & Steve

Introducing The Bridesmaids

  • Jamie, Maid of Honor and cousin to the bride

    Nothing is better than family that is also best friends. Jamie, although quite a few years younger than Lindsey, is the closest female cousin Lindsey has. So, it was natural, as they grew up that Lindsey and Jamie were close. From initially babysitting Jamie, to catching fireflies and pollywogs, to later partying together, and eventually becoming roommates, Jamie has always been more than just a cousin.

    In recent years, Jamie became an integral part of Lindsey’s “group” of friends, first meeting her soul–twin in Abbey (you should see these two’s OCD habits!), and then living with Aimee, Jamie is no longer the “little cousin” that Lindsey had to fend her male college friends off of, but instead a best friend Lindsey couldn’t live without.
  • Abbey, Bridesmaid and friend

    Destin to be great friends, Abbey and Lindsey met in 8th grade in a social studies class. They hit it off, but ran in different social circles in high school. Then, on a spring day before high school graduation, Abbey approached Lindsey on rooming together at WMU. Lindsey said “sure” and then went back to her lunch table, asking her friends, “That was Abbey, right?!” Somehow, in a 12’ x 12’ cell block that they called home freshman year of college, Abbey and Lindsey didn’t kill each other. In fact, 5 years after meeting, they became great friends. After a sophomore year roommate hiatus, they ended up rooming, partying and generally getting in trouble together the rest of their college careers. (Sorry, photographic documentation of these events not available for public viewing!)

    Fate had her hand in keeping Abbey and Lindsey close. With roots in Grayling, both Lindsey and Abbey’s parents have built homes in the area, just a few miles apart. In addition, post–college, Abbey and Lindsey were both fortunate to find jobs in the Kalamazoo area and have settled in for the long haul. From Saginaw, to Grayling, to Kalamazoo — there is just no getting away from each other — not that we would want to!
  • Aimee, Bridesmaid and friend

    You know those friends that make you better than you are alone? That would be Aimee. Aimee and Lindsey met first semester of their freshman year of college. Both Medallion Scholars, living in the same dorm complex, and having 3 of 5 classes together, Aimee and Lindsey hit it off right away. The past 13 years have been a blur of promoting each other to grow, and helping each other procrastinate.

    From a 12 day self–tour of Ireland together, “just because”, to working side–by–side to help grow KKOOM, a non–profit Aimee founded, Lindsey and Aimee seem to balance life out well together. Aimee is always Lindsey’s go–to for a crazy, off–the–wall scheme, or for help making the right connections and pushing her career forward. Without Aimee around, Lindsey probably wouldn’t be as successful as she is, nor have had nearly as much fun in the last decade!
  • Heidi, Bridesmaid and sister–in–law

    Sister–in–laws are family by choice, and Lindsey couldn’t imagine a better sister than Heidi! The first time Lindsey’s brother, Brett, brought Heidi around was another family wedding. It was an instant friendship. Although Heidi was “Brett’s girlfriend” at the time, there was never a moment of awkward “I–have–to–be–nice–but–I–don’t–know–you–well–enough–to–like–you”. Heidi simply fit in with the family like she had always been there. And to be honest, it’s hard to remember the family without Heidi.

    Heidi is the friendly, easy going sister that brings out a bit of the girly side in Lindsey.
  • Kelli, Bridesmaid and friend

    Kelli and Lindsey knew each other from primary schooling, but had not formed that life–long bond until the summer of 2002 in college when both ladies were home from school and taking some gen–ed classes at the local community college. As all Red Wing fans know, that was a Cup year. So, when Lindsey and Kelli both started showing up to classes in jerseys, it was easy to fall in line together. And, as both girls had moved on from Saginaw for college, neither had many Wingnuts in Saginaw to join them in watching the games.

    From the first time Kelli and Lindsey realized they were both screaming at the TV in a public place, louder than any guy trying to watch the playoff game, they realized “this could work”. That, and the dry, sarcastic humor that surrounds Kelli and Lindsey has evolved the friendship into a strong relationship. Whether they talk once a day, or every few months, nothing changes in their friendship.

Introducing The Groomsmen

  • James, Best Man and friend

    When you look at the groomsmen, James is the 6’4” one that looks like he could be related to Steve (and there is a slim chance some distant back relatives from Germany were related — very distantly). Always upbeat, smiling, and excitable, James and Steve meet at Game Stop. Steve went in for the games, but found himself hanging out in the store just to shoot the breeze with James.

    This led to Steve starting to work part time at the store, while in college — and inevitably spending even more time shooting the breeze with James. When they finally took the friendship out of the store, James and Steve found that they had even more in common, like hockey (although we try not to hold it against James that he’s a Canucks fan) and women in their lives that got along just as well as they did.

    Man code may not let this get mushy, but these two are definitely the best of friends.
  • Dennis, Groomsman and friend

    Steve befriended Dennis’ wife, Becky, when they had a photography class together. Through Becky, Steve met Dennis and they hit it off instantly. With the help of Becky’s enchiladas and Dennis’ low–key attitude, Steve started to show up almost nightly for dinner.

    These guys tend to kick back and “relax” by constructing something or trying to figure out the most effective way to blow up a watermelon. It’s never dull when Steve and Dennis are together.
  • Mike, Groomsman and brother

    Steve has always looked up to his big brother Mike, especially when Steve was growing up. Mike has always meant more to Steve than just an older brother. Mike’s interests and hobbies have always seemed to become Steve’s interests and hobbies throughout Steve’s life. Steve only wishes they lived closer together so they could share in their mutual interests more often.
  • Brett, Groomsman and brother–in–law

    Brett is the brother–in–law Steve has always pictured having. Out–going and welcoming, Brett accepted Steve into the family early on, even though Steve was dating Brett’s little sister (whom he’s always been protective over).

    Steve lucked out with Lindsey’s brother — if they had met in another life, Steve believes they still would have become friends.
  • Aaron, Groomsman and friend

    Guys in their mid–twenties need a roommate to help take the cans back and clean the bachelor pad at least every two months. After their meeting, warring on the paintball field, Aaron and Steve had a few of these great years as pad mates in their mid–twenties.

    Of course, Aaron got married, and Steve met Lindsey, so the bachelordom (and bachelor pad) had to end after a few short years, but the friendship easily evolved to a grown–up version of their bachelor days.

And Others!

  • Patty, Flowergirl and cousin to the bride

    The cutest little girl imaginable! Patty is actually Lindsey’s second cousin, and with that smile, there was no doubt Lindsey wanted her as the flower girl!
  • Alexander, Ring bearer and son of the best man

    Alexander is James’ son. And for the first couple years of his life, Alexander was the one kid Lindsey had ever been around, that didn’t like her. So, the deal for him to be ring bearer was that Alexander had to come around and be willing to give Lindsey a hug. Just once. And that’s all he’s given (but we’re sure he’s over his complete adversity to Lindsey...). Alexander adores Steve.
  • Darrell and Sandy, Parents of the bride

    Thank you to the most wonderful parents imaginable. What more can we say?
  • Pat and Joyce, Parents of the groom

    Again, not much we can say beyond thank you to absolutely amazing parents.
  • Skylar and Zack, Host/Hostess and niece/nephew the groom

    Skylar and Zack are Steve’s niece and nephew. Smart, friendly, out–going and mature for their ages, these are amazing kids every parent is jealous of — and great role models for the kids Steve and Lindsey eventually want to have!
  • Milan, Usher and friend

    As one of Lindsey’s brother’s best friends, Lindsey grew up with Milan (in fact, she’s known him since she was 5). It is debatable, but Milan probably picked on Lindsey more than her own brother growing up. Like all siblings, the teasing and torturing subsided as they grew (or, at least, Lindsey can hold her own now), and they have evolved into great friends.